• import

    Get your CSV files, Spreadsheets or any other data source and import it into one common place.

  • manage

    Let your things get organized. Add, modify, filter, search and get valuable information from your data.

  • extend

    Use CoffeeScript and Style to extend the Cube's looks and functionality to suit your needs.


Faceted results showing counts for each value

Get to know your data

How much do you know about your data? With the use of Solr faceted results, the Cube shows you counts of all your items and their properties.

A Detailed view showing all information from a team member

Detail view

Each of your items get a detail view where you can see all its properties and edit them.

Filter and Search functionality in the App

Filter and Search

Facets also let you filter your collection, just by clicking on them. Ctrl+click and you can aggregate them.

Bulk operations panel

Bulk operations

Select and edit a bunch of items in your collection at once.

JSON output from a RESTful request

Simple API

Once you have your data in the cube, you can get it in many ways: json, xml, csv. Either the whole collection or just a part of it, all with a simple url.

Menus allow you to change of entity

Keep it together

The Cube can handle as many sets of data as you want. In the future, you will be able to relate one set to another, so that your projects, teams and services, for example, can relate to each other.

Node.js, Backbone.js and Apache's Solr blazing fast search platform are some of the open source building blocks of the cube.

Open Source

$ git clone git@github.com:zalando/cube.git

The Cube is one of our daily used apps at Zalando's Technology department and we want to share it with you. Go grab it from its github repo!